My husband has wanted to create a Christian T Shirt design with the words “Jesus Lives! Will You?” for years.  I’ve wanted to share my stories and poems for years. But it’s been hard to get started. Brhian (prounounced Brian) has a brain injury. Life with a virtually invisible disability takes it’s toll and we have struggled with energy and resources. But God is so good! With the launch of From My Ashes a little of both our dreams are coming true.

The Story Behind Jesus Lives! Will You?

We had a lot of conversation around this design before we created it. Obviously, as a married couple we also agued about it lol. My husband is bold and direct while I’m more subtle and conversational. I wondered if the phrase “Jesus Lives! Will You?” was perhaps a little too direct. Perhaps that’s because I’m a very gentle person. When I connect with others I hope to bring down walls and form strong relationships. I have also struggled with shyness and fear for most of my childhood and young adult life. These two parts of me come into conflict with each other. For example, there are times I should be bold and strong but my soft side gets in the way. Other times I’m too bold and direct when I should have been more gentle. The thing to know about me is that there was a point in my life where “bold and direct” did not exist. God continues to grow and develop me in this area and working through this T Shirt design is a really good example of how.

Starting to Come Around

As I struggled internally with my husband’s idea, I had to remind myself about his disability. I want to enable his dreams not stifle him. As for me, I’ve been sitting on my domain and website for years. I just didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I was also concerned about how it could impact my job, if at all. These days we talk about bringing our whole selves to work but I think we are struggling with bringing our whole selves to our personal lives. Why is that? And, is it another example of allowing fear of the unknow to creep in? The truth is, I already know that God is going to see me through anything. He has already, many…many times.

Reflections on Scripture

As I sit here (and yes I am drinking coffee in the afternoon lol) I am realizing how much God has blessed us. If anyone has studied 1st Peter Chapter 3 and wondered what it meant in real life, well I think the way my husband and I worked out this awesome Christian t shirt design is a very good example! We didn’t give up on each other and we did the hard work. Now we are getting to see the reward. This is a great bible study on it’s own and I think we need to put ourselves in check a bit and get over the idea that it means one person needs to control another. God means so much more for us as married couples than that.

But I digress, back to the T Shirt. If you notice, John 3:16 is on the back of the shirt. I told my husband if we were going to use the phrase he wanted that I was going to put a verse on the back that helps people understand what it means. He loved the idea! By the way, I have an Acts version I’m playing with too haha. I’m really excited to see where our new business takes us and I hope you join us for the journey.

One More Thing

If you happen to be reading this post and you’ve come to realize who Jesus (Yeshua) really is and want to accept Him into your heart, it is as simple as the ABCs of Salvation.

God Bless you always!

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