Why From My Ashes

First off, thank you so much for stopping by! From My Ashes is a platform that showcases clothing and household items inspired by my relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the years, I’ve longed to leverage my writing and entrepreneurial spirit, but lacked the necessary tools. Today, I am thrilled to partner with print on demand vendors, finally bringing my dreams to life.

I am a wife of almost thirty years and a mother of three. In 1997, our daughter Sabrina departed from us to be with our Lord. While my family has faced numerous trials, none can compare to the one we endured in 2008. That year, my husband suffered a severe heart attack at the age of 37 while driving our daughter to school and me to work. Yet, God’s hand was undeniably upon our family that fateful day, and the miracles that followed forever changed our lives.

Though I accepted Christ at the tender age of five and was baptized at ten, it was on April 21st, 2008 that I truly understood the concept of spiritual death. There was no returning to who I once was, and I am eternally grateful for that. The following year, I shared my testimony in a book titled “Phoenix: A Testimony of Faith.” At that time, all I envisioned was God raising me up as a new creation from the ashes of our tragedy. Plus, I have a soft spot for comic books, so there’s that. I do have plans to update my testimony and it’s title to be more reflective of what really happened to me: From the ashes of my past, God created me new, a living testimony of faith in His enduring love for you and me.

With From My Ashes, my hope is to create more than just a platform for products and services. I aim to foster a genuine community. In today’s world, so much is happening that the imminent return of Jesus for His Bride feels closer than ever before. Many of us yearn for meaningful teachings and fellowships where we can engage in conversations about the end times we live in.

Welcome to From My Ashes, where we believe that even from the depths of despair, all it takes is a mustard seed of faith to Watch God move mountains.